Women Empowerment

Welcome to Life Women Empowerment Centre
Women empowerment is not merely about helping women, it is about building a more robust, stable and powerful society, a cause espoused globally.

At Life Women Empowerment Centre (LWEC), our goal is simple: improve the lives of these less fortunate widows and women from the BPL categories. We try to make these women lavishly self-contained and thus socially respectable. We strongly supports gender equality. Expanding the circle of opportunities for women not only hustles up the economic development of the society as a whole, but also significantly restricts the socio-economic divide. Our target ultimately touch the many lives of women in years to come.

Club11 Womanity Foundation believes that the most viable solution to these challenges are a result of taking the phase to appreciate and learn from those on the front lines. Mutual respect and collaboration and our ground are the cornerstone of our success.

We Empower girls with life skills, education sisterhood to vital for them to become thriving women. Club11 focus on ensuring that girls become educated which is a multifaceted undertaking, school, and parental engagement, requiring community, and empowering girls with the knowledge they need to keep themselves healthy and safe.

How best to empower girls to grow into strong women. Our GEE Lab focuses on how to keep girls in school, arm them with the knowledge and resources they need, engage boys and men as partners in girls’ empowerment, and encourage leadership among girls.

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