Medical Charitable Trust and Sports

In this World cup 2019 sports week we will inspire schools and supporters up and down the country to use Physical Education and sports much more intentionally to promote wellbeing and support the personal development of young people.

I’m delighted to be working with the Youth Sport Trust. Our mission is really close to my heart because I trust that physical exercise can help people to ‘find they're happy’ and improve their wellbeing irrespective of their ability or background.

Play and sport, has said too many young people are missing out on the life-changing benefits that can be delivered with the right approach, and its phase for change.

Club11 will focus on raising awareness of the vital role of medical sports and school sport in helping young people experience the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’: 1) getting them active, 2) connecting, 3) giving back, 4) taking notice and 5) learning.

Sport Week, schools and leading sports organizations across the country will be uniting behind an urgent call for Physical Education, play and sport to be given a more central role in addressing the many challenges faced by this generation from physical and mental health to personal and social development. Club11 Youth Sport Trust will coordinate the week profiling the five ways to wellbeing across the five days of the week.

Our Trust coaches are trained to inspire members to apply the skills they learn on the golf course in real life.

Club11 Charitable trust Activities

  • Our trust runs half term camps for children, for example educating them in conjunction with the Rescue Service and a multiple-sport.
  • Operates a military veteran’s football project helping to integrate military veterans back into civilian life. We operate a military veteran’s football project helping to encourage families to be more active together.
  • Our Rugby community helps young women to tackle social issues and also Urban Rugby Squad which helps 14-16-year-olds to participate in rugby. We also allow young people to learn design skills and finishes by allowing them to design own cricket bat.

Our foundations do excellent work in their communities and serve an essential function in the sporting world. This blog specializes in publishing and establishment for a charitable foundation. Nevertheless, the increasing numbers of club foundations are something very encouraging to see. Empowering youth to make healthy choices and improve physical fitness while with our physical activity which helps to develop healthy bones, joints, muscles and fend off obesity. Our foundation Coaches have the opportunity to mark and empower youth to make healthy choices and improve physical fitness.

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